19 May

Finally I’ve managed to transfer all my ‘old’ blog posts to my new blog. Yay! Bring out the dancing puppies and fireworks. Sorry for throwing all my blog posts at you, but I wanted things transferred as quick as possible so that I can start working on my new posts. That’s mostly once a week since most of my writing time is being consumed by my WIPs (work in progress). Right now, my brain is being consumed by an older WIP, a fantasy story, where I’ve reached the climax of the story but the writing process feels like I’m pulling all the words out of my head with tweezers. Maybe it’s because I’ve outgrown the story, I don’t know, and sometimes I feel like I should just stop and work on newer projects, but I don’t like unfinished business. Plus, this is the official first story I’ve EVER started.

Has anyone ever had this? Or do other writers finish their stories ninja-style? Actually, when I did my MA in England, I submitted this WIP but my teach told me I could do better. (AKA lit fiction) Which is a compliment, but it made me put this WIP on hold. And I would have preferred to have been able to choose any genre to work on. I’m not sure if my teacher’s comments (and dislike of any genre that wasn’t lit. fiction) made me feel kind of meh about this story all of a sudden, but it’s very annoying. I want to finish it!

I’m also working a little on other stories, but working on different stories makes me feel all over the place. I don’t want my mind to be all over the place, I want it to be in my writing lair. That’s why I want to take it one story at a time. I mean, I have so many ideas and I just want to have them done with. Mainly, because I’m still thinking about what kind of writer I want to be and I want to get these ‘old’ story (ideas) out of the way, before I get out of touch with them so I can think about any new ideas, that MIGHT be better. After all, my teacher had that kind of faith in me, so maybe I should too? Still, all this over-thinking is making me want to shout BLEEEH at any random moment during the day, every day. Probably not a good idea. Don’t want anyone to suspect I’m even more crazy than they already think. I need people to think I’m a little bit sane so that I can observe them in their natural habitat.

Ok, this crazy writer lady is going back to work. Or at least trying to squeeze the words out of my fingers as I made them bleed ink. I also hope you guys like my new blog. Is the background okay? Any tips/advice ? I’m getting used to WordPress but so far it’s already my friend. *strokes screen*

Okay, back to the lair!! *DUM DUM DUM DUM*


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