One Genre

25 May

When stories come to me, they can be of any genre. How open-minded of them. And I never minded, a story is a story, should it check to see what genre I write before it knocks on my door? I never thought so. But as I’m lately thinking about what kind of writer I want to be, I came across this article that recommended sticking to one genre. This got me thinking. Part of me objected and was like; what about the story? Should I just leave it out in the cold? And the other part of me thought; at least I won’t be all over the place and I can focus on one story.

So this is what I’ve decided to do for now. Sorry, other stories, but you are being shoved into the back of the drawer. Don’t worry, I’ll leave you some candy. But for now, only one WIP at a time.

So what genre am I focussing on?

There is really only one genre that always makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Cosy mysteries. So right now, that is what I’m working on. I’ve already reached chapter seven, but am trying to outline more than ever before. It’s a mystery after all and I need to know how to scatter the clues and where to drop the red herrings. It’s hard though. I can tell I’m more of a wing-it person. It becomes too clinical for me when I have to analyse what I’m about to write and why. With me it has to flow. But I’m not giving up yet, even if I only have a few scenes to work towards, that will help. So all that evil chuckling you hear coming from the writing lair, is me trying to plot the hell out of my WIP. Wish me luck and if I don’t make it out alive…avenge my death!

 sleuth female


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