Write With Caution

31 May

Our fingers tremble as they hover above the keyboard. Thoughts of our stories shoot through our brain like falling stars. Ideas can strike like lightning and our minds become filled with queuing characters. As a writer, this happens. A lot. It is therefore advisable to carry a notebook with you at all times. There are some really beautiful ones out there and I’ve become an avid collector. Which is why I’ve also become a fan of pencils. That way I can erase stuff and re-use them if I want to. I know, I should enjoy things properly and use them to their full extend, but what can I say? I’m a weird writer lady.

And do I write because I’m weird or am I weird because I write? Quite possibly both. Writing is a strange profession. When you tell people you’re a writer, they raise their eyebrows in surprised admiration. It’s a romantic profession. Why? Because everybody who writes, doesn’t do it for the money. They do it for the art of writing. Not only that, they get to produce something.  Something that is created by their hands and mind. Something that the whole country (and sometimes more countries) can read. There is a sense of fame involved, even if you’re not a famous author. We may write with the hope of becoming rich and famous, because everybody likes recognition for their passion. But we would do it even if we knew that we wouldn’t get rich or famous from the start. Why? Because writers are a special breed. True writers, that is. Nothing can stop us from writing. There is an undying love attached to the act of writing. An addiction. We write mostly for ourselves. However, write with caution, because even though writing brings us utter joy and in some cases money and/or fame, it also brings MAYHEM.

Okay, perhaps mayhem sounds more ominous than it truly is, but let’s face it… We need jobs in order to survive because, well, we need those little things like food, water and a home. So when do we have time to write? After work.  When do we have time for a social life? Never. If we have no choice and are forced to have a life, then writing is done late at night. At your desk, a hot cup of coffee, a blanket drawn over your shoulders and huddled over your laptop like the hunchback of Notre Dame. But are we sad? No, we chuckle at a well-written passage and do some evil laughter as two minor plot points turn out to connect with each other. So where’s the mayhem, you ask? In the morning after. Where you wake up without realising you’re even awake. Where dark circles become ‘your look’ and where supposed daydreaming moments are actually moments of brainstorming on your story. Work never stops. Not to mention that inspiration will still slap you in the face in the most uncomfortable moments; during conversations, during household chores, whilst washing the dog, during an exciting (rare) TV-watching moment, during sleep. Ah yes, always during sleep. I’m too lazy to get out of bed and turn on the light, grab paper and a pen and write stuff down. No, I use the voice recorder on my phone. Weird to hear your own voice afterwards, but does the trick.

It is still worth it in the end, though, because you love it even if it takes too much time or too much juggling. You do it anyway. So there really is no downside, is there? Mayhem becomes your friend. So don’t write with caution, write with your heart and don’t let anybody stop you.

2013-05-31 19.18.17


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