Writing Exercise

9 Jun

One of the most important tips a writer can receive is the tip to keep writing. After all, practice makes perfect, especially with something as creative as writing fiction. Keeping this in mind, I’ve constructed a writing exercise:

I’ll start with one of my favourite exercises. It’s one where you have to re-write a situation that you’ve been through. It’s best to take something that didn’t go well, like asking someone out who said no. Then re-write so that it goes like you would have wanted it to go. Or maybe you’ll write how you thought it would be and then add a twist, like the realisation that the person is actually a bad match for you. In any case you should invent some new obstacle that stand in the way of your happy ending. Of course the MaC is you, but try to create an adapted character. Don’t get all rainbows and flowers in this case, remain a writer, don’t get soppy and clichéd. The purpose of this is to resolve something that hasn’t been resolved in real life through writing.

Good luck!

writing fic


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