Inspiration Strikes!

10 Jun

Our lovely muse can jump us at any time during the day and night, though knowing my muse, usually at night. She will grab us by the hair and keep pulling until we pour the creative ideas onto paper. She’s relentless that way and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There is, however, this little thing called life. And that pulls our hair too. Even if we’d shave our heads, the pulling still wouldn’t stop. However,  there is a way to stifle the muse for a little while. You know, like handing her shiny things so she gets distracted while you make money or hang out with loved ones as one does when one has a life.

Inspiration is everywhere and if you have a well-trained muse she will collect that inspiration and bring it right back to you. These moments can be when you are on the toilet, talking to friends, riding the bus, stuck at traffic, stuck at work, at a movie theatre, getting arrested, skydiving and riding your unicorn.. you know, daily stuff like that. To get rid of these flashes of inspiration without losing the valid ideas that come with it, you record these thoughts. You can do so by using notebooks, voice recorders or by writing upon your person (though most common places would be the hand and/or arm). During the day I write stuff on post-its or in my notebooks, though when it concerns a current WIP, I have a file called Notes & Quotes where I put these things. During the night, when I’m too tired to drag myself out of bed, walk aaaall the way over to my desk and grab pen and paper, I use the voice recorder on my phone. Which is by my bed. Sure, it’s weird hearing your own voice, but that’s the only downside and you get used to it. Eventually. This keeps your thoughts organised and when you do finally have a spare moment to dive into the writing lair, all your inspirational moments are right at your desk, tied with a neat little ribbon.

It’s interesting to see what can bring a person inspiration. I find that it’s all around me. It’s in music, the people around me, TV, news, stories, a grocery store even.

But that’s me.  Where do you find yours?



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