Writing Exercises

16 Jun


Writing Exercises for your (p)leisure!


Write a scene where someone is trying to tell someone else a secret but without actually telling them. Beat around the bush, be vague. The reader must figure out what the secret is even though the other character does not. What kind of misunderstanding will arise?


Write something between 1 and 3 pages, starting your short story with one of these sentences:

a)      Before I realised it, his hand had left a red mark on my cheek.

b)      “You’re telling me this now? On my wedding day?”

c)       I bent down to check his pulse and realised he had none.

And end your short story with one of these sentences:

a)      There was nothing but silence in the air. Wonderful, freeing silence.

b)      Life didn’t always give you a choice, neither did your heart.

c)       For one thing, my growling stomach told me I was hungry. I left, knowing I had done the right thing.


Write about a meeting between two people, written from both their POVs. Maybe they both assume things about the other that aren’t true. Maybe they think the friendly feelings aren’t mutual when they are, or the other way around. Maybe they’ve seen each other before, but don’t realise it. Maybe they have a mutual friend or went to the same school…whatever you can think of, write it. Close your eyes and let the writing spirit take over. Make it interesting and unexpected.

Writing exercises can spark great short stories and those in turn can spark great novel ideas. Most importantly, just write and have fun!



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