The Writing Break

26 Jun


Finally, the WIP meter is full!

You proudly write your last sentences, get a little teary eyed and lean back. Your pet project (or at least, the first draft) is finito. Your characters have been kicked out of the writing lair, at least for now. And your minions have put on the kettle and started making popcorn. So…what do you do now?

I’ll tell you what. WRITING BREAK!

It’s time to celebrate that you’ve been slaving over this project for the last couple of weeks and get your creative mind in order before diving into another written world. It’s kind of like when you’ve broken up with someone and first you need to get over them before you start dating someone else.

I am taking one whole week to do pretty much read, blog, daydream, watch Murder, She Wrote and sleep. Not necessarily in that order. I highly recommend the writing break. Finishing a draft, even a crappy one, is still quite the accomplishment and you should be proud! So get to writing, because the writing break is waiting for you!


The writing break is also a good time to clean up the writing lair. I can tell I’ve been spending my last six weeks writing, it’s like an implosion of my room. Also, cleaning your writing lair is good preparation for your next project. You can’t start a new story without a prepared lair.

The next story I’ll dive in is a story about a girl with multiple personalities. If, during those weeks, I appear to do things I can’t remember, I’ll know that I’m channelling my main character very well. Then again, I kind of do stuff I can’t remember already. Oh oh!


Coincidentally I have timed the ending of my previous project and the next one very well, because I’m planning on starting next Monday which will be the first of July. The first day of a month is always a good starting date for me. My plan is to have 50k written by the 31st of July and have about one/two weeks after that to finish it, since usually my stories are between 60 and 70k. After that project, or somewhere halfway, depending on how productive I’m feeling, I’ll start rereading my last project and working on the second draft. I know, I really am a writerholic, but I couldn’t switch it off even if I wanted to. The plan is to have two novels written during the summer holiday because I’ll be busy teaching after that. I’m getting my official teaching papers during the next school year and will have three classes. I’m really excited to become a teacher, but it will be a busy year. So I don’t mind writing like a crazy person for now. It will be strange during those busy days that I’ll have to skip my daily word goal…true writers never stop writing!!  *has visions of withdrawal symptoms that include lying in the foetal position, eating Skittles and humming eerie nursery rhymes*

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2 Responses to “The Writing Break”

  1. Andrew June 26, 2013 at 10:37 pm #

    A writing break sounds like a plan! As I told you I just finished a WIP yesterday (for me it’s a lot less…teary. More like FINALLY I’m DONE! when I finish a WIP, haha), and I’m somewhat itching to start the next one. I think I’ll take a few days off, but knowing me I’ll start poking at the next story before long (I’ve already been thinking about it…oh and I changed my mind about the WIP I want to work on. It’s not the one I was telling you about, haha). We should join writerholics anonymous 😛

    • pfeatherstonehaugh June 27, 2013 at 11:16 am #

      Ooh, so many story ideas, so little time! I do find with a writing break it leaves more space in your head for new story ideas to enter…Like I haven’t collected enough already.
      Writerholics anonymous…let’s make that happen!

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