Four Seasons: A Poem

14 Jul

Her cold breath rushes through the trees, rustling her leaves,
She shakes her head in heaven and white tears traverse.
Her whole body clad in a wet blanket of white,
She seems asleep with her body bare and blank.

After her recovery she removes the clouds that roam her mind,
Welcoming golden beams as the sunlight reflects in her eyes.
She brings her butterflies, bees and bright colours back,
Her sounds resonate in their minds and bring music forth.

Warmth brings her power as she blossoms cheerfully,
She is at her best now, surrounded by all her children.
Seeing her trees shaking their leaves, seeing the spiders catching on,
Raising mountains, flowing rivers and green grass on every turn.

Growing dreary as the sun begins to hide,
Her eyes get empty and her colours decrease.
The orange leaves fall from her trees, drowning in rain,
She cries to say goodbye though she knows no pain or fear.

Recovering again, as she continues to grow,
In a circle that never ends because it can’t be broken.
Everything ends to start over again, that is her life,
With her hands she creates and destroys all of man.

mother earth


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