How I Know I’m Alive

22 Jul

Hammers fall on my dreams,
Demolishing them, destroying them.
There is nothing I can do anymore,
My heart is aching, it feels so sore.

The knives tear into my hopes,
My soul cries tears of blood.
The ropes around my mind tighten,
I scream ‘cause there’s no use in fighting.

My voice scatters in the sky,
But nobody who hears me cry.
Breaking down all the walls,
With just my bleeding hands.

Perseverance is my only friend,
She remains while Bliss is gone.
I try so hard and see a light,
Is everything going to be alright?

I feel the warmth of love nearby,
But the darkness makes me blind.
In all this mess it’s hard to survive,
But at least I know that I’m alive.



One Response to “How I Know I’m Alive”

  1. pfeatherstonehaugh July 22, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    Sorry for the dark theme 🙂

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