Teaching Shenanigans

24 Aug

Finally the time has come. After I finished my MA in England, I pretty much had nothing to do. Well, writing. Which is important enough, I mean, I did after all finish my first novel. *insert HALLELUJAH* But I was also looking for a job that actually brought money and allowed me to not be glued to my desk. Teaching I always liked and I approached my old secondary school who were impressed and offered me a job/internship while I go to uni 1.5 days a week to get my official teaching papers. The plan being that I get to stay there and work as an English teacher.

What’s that sound? Me squealing. Sorry about that.

It’s just a really great job and close-by. I like that I’ll finally have a life and some variety. Like right now, I’ve had my first week and appreciate the weekend and my writing time more. I’m hunting for an agent, yes, but I’m also still writing. And blogging. And tweeting. Like a maniac.

That’s important to me, it’s part of being a writer, it’s part of being me. But now teaching is also a part of me. It’s going to be a tough year that will involve a lot of learning, sighing, laughing, crying and happy dances. But it will be just as rewarding as writing. Probably even more so, since you get to see results quicker.

Though my characters and pet dragons might miss the less me-time, I’m being a grown-up and I have an actual job that I like. Good, right? So please don’t be angry if I can only post once a week, instead of twice a week. I’ll do my best. Also, I might have to bribe my characters and pet dragons with ice cream. Well, socks for my pet dragons.

Wish me luck!




2 Responses to “Teaching Shenanigans”

  1. kquintana August 24, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

    Congrats, and good luck! You’ll do great!

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