Having A Life…Is Good?

1 Sep

Having been at home for about five months after I graduated was a great time, because it was the time I got to finish my first novel. This was oodles of fun, don’t get me wrong, but staring at four walls for all that time, not getting challenged or being around people (imaginary people don’t count), kind of drives one to be a little bleh. Yes, that is the professional term.

Now that I finally have job as a teacher and am doing a second MA on the side, I can proudly (and stressfully) say that I have a life. I assumed that writing would be done half an hour in the evening or so, and that I could still make it work. My mind has been so focussed that I haven’t had time to write yet. I did feel like I was walking around with a stamp on my forehead that said ‘bad writer’, but I have to say, since I’m in-between stories right now, it’s not so bad to experience life and get all my writing ducks in a row in the meantime. Writerholic is what I always call myself and there is nothing wrong with eating, breathing and drinking writing, but it’s also okay if you don’t write. Writers can do that, you know, without having to feel guilty or horrible for not flexing those writing muscles. Life generates experience and experience is inspiration. That is also part of writing. So yes, having a life is good. Something that took me this long to figure out.
The downside is that I’m feeling a bit out of touch with writing, my mind is filled with thought balloons about work instead of my imaginary people. Again, not bad, since I’ve just started work and still need to find my confidence in that. I also don’t want writing to feel like it’s adding to my stress, it should be fun and I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. Even, or perhaps, ESPECIALLY with writing. *covers worn out keyboard*

So my point is, that it’s okay to first find your groove with something life-related, instead of something writing-related. Once I settle in the chair that is ‘real’ work, I think I’ll manage to balance the hot cup of tea that is my writing as well.

Writers write, yes, but they also live. Live to write, probably, but hey, we can’t do one without the other.




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