Writing Prompts: Secrets

5 Sep

This WRITING PROMPT carries the theme of secrets. Stories are about conflict, and what better way to generate conflict than with secrets. They are poison to the soul. So, let’s get dangerous and have some fun with them. Put on your Writing Cape and distract your pet dragons with socks and let’s jump in this puddle of words:

1. Someone has a secret, you don’t know what, but you need to find out. How do you go about it? You (the character) have to be subtle. Ask yourself (the writer): Why is it important that you (the character) find out? And what ideas do you already have about what the secret can be? Use the Imagination Machine. (Which is just your imagination…)

2. How do you confess something to someone, knowing it will hurt them? How can you show the nervousness, the fear? How does the other character take it? Perhaps (s)he’ll take the news in a surprising way. Play with it like a cat with its food.

3. A friend confides in you. (S)he tells you something to unburden themselves, but now you carry this burden…and it affects someone else. What do you do? Break your friend’s trust or do the ‘right’ thing? Is it even the right thing? Is there another way? Dilemma…dilemma…dilemma. The best conflict is the internal one.





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