Writing Prompts: Pain

22 Sep

Today’s writing prompts carry the theme of pain. Pain is something that is hard to describe to someone else unless they’ve experienced it too. But hey, challenge accepted. Pain is also something universal. Everybody has experienced it in some way, whether it’s the pain of giving birth, getting hit by a car or the utter agony of dropping the last cookie.

Let’s go:

1. Write a scene where you character falls. Describe the pain through the senses and with the use of at least one simile. Let someone else read it and if they wince, you know you’ve done your job.

2. Your character just confessed their undying love, or were about to, when they had their heart broken. This time, you can only use symbolism to show this pain. Perhaps something breaks…Feel free to also use metaphors, similes, etc. Play with imagery.

3. I love being subtle and find that with stories, it’s kind of a MUST. Describe a kind of pain, could be physical or emotional and make your guinea pig reader find out what just happened to your character. Is it clear they’re in pain and what kind of pain are they in? How did this happen? Let them discover it and if you’ve done your part well, it means they should have figured it out by the end of your scene. Play around with it, have fun.

4. Now let’s move over to characterisation. How does your character handle the pain you’ve just inflicted upon them? Everybody handles pain differently and HOW someone handles it, says a lot about them. Again, doesn’t matter if it’s physical or emotional, but focus on the character here. HOW does the character handle this pain? Perhaps it’s interesting to do this fun little writercise with two completely different characters.

5. What if your character has to hurt someone? Use dialogue to make this happen, but make the other character, who is hurt by whatever your character has to say, hide his pain with his words and reveal it through subtle body language/facial expressions. Or maybe he’s saying he’s hurt, but doesn’t show any signs. It’s up to you. It’s always fun when characters say one thing, but do another. It’s also a good way to show the reader more about who the character is.

The paper is your playground, have fun!





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