Pick a Jar

27 Sep

Pick a jar that has a (short) story. Any jar…

Jar 1: Your character is on his way to work, he’s the only one on the road and encounters an injured woman lying in the middle of it. What does he do? And what happens? How did the woman get there?


Jar 2: Your teenage character wakes up with different parents and in a different house. Pictures show that her confusion is misplaced, but she knows something is wrong. This is not her home and these are not her parents. What happened? How does she try to figure out what is going on? And…what is going on?


Jar 3: Your character is a liar and known for her lies too. This time she witnesses something important but when she tries to warn people about it, nobody believes her. What is it she saw/heard and how does she go about proving she’s being truthful? What are the results? Is she making it worse, or better for herself?


Jar 4: Your character breaks into an old house that is supposed to be haunted, but also owned by a wealthy person. Your character finds a lot of jewellery, but also something else. What is it? And what does he do with it? Things get interesting when the house does indeed appear to be haunted. Or is it? *insert evil chuckle*


Jar 5: Your character is a child and has built himself a tree house. His own little lair surrounded with all the things he likes and bring him comfort. He even has his own binoculars. He secretly skips school while his parents are at work and explores his neighbourhood from his sanctuary. He seems something shocking and goes to investigate. What does he see and how does he investigate? What happens?


Dum dum dum dum. Make it exciting, or dramatic….make it whatever you want. The paper is your playground, have fun!




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