Pressure Makes Diamonds

2 Nov

The time of NaNoWriMo is upon us obsessive writers. We lock ourselves into a poorly lit room with our laptop, cookies and tea. Our phone is switched off and if someone has the audacity to knock on our doors, they’ll face the terror of angry post-its that have been plastered all over the wooden barrier (from which the handle has been removed). *Sigh* It’s a glorious and magical time and I have fallen in love with NaNoWriMo from the moment I heard about it. I like the idea of writing with A LOT of people. It feels like they’re right there with you in your Writing Lair and you share that wonderful world that is writing fiction.

This post isn’t about NaNoWriMo though, this is about pressure. The pressure to write a substantial amount of words consistently. I should start by saying that I have my very own NaNoWriMo every month. I make sure the novel I start is finished within 30 days. Then I give myself a two week break before I spend another four weeks chained to the desk. And then I give myself time to revise the former story. This I did when I had no job as well as second MA I was trying to get. This was when I sat at home all day. So, it wasn’t that hard, it was the only thing that kept me sharp and made me happy at the same time. Even if there was a post-it war on my wall, I still loved it. Because I’m a writer and we love that crap. The point is, that kind of pressure was good for me. It was a competition I was having with myself and it put my subconscious on high alert. The subconscious knows a lot and my first drafts get better the quicker I write them.

Now the question is, is that pressure still good when you do have a life? It depends, I suppose. I can’t even think of writing my normal 2k a day. I just don’t have the time. I do find that I’m getting into a certain rhythm, so I’m hoping I can schedule a daily amount of time for my writing, but for now I’m mostly writing in the weekend and about one evening on my semi-free day. I have to say once I do have time, the writing flows like a waterfall. I’ve been holding it in on all those days where I’m working or studying and it’s just been building up in my soul, ready to flow out of my fingers as soon as they touch the keyboard. And it’s a wonderful feeling, not to mention productive. So yes, once you have your rhythm, include writing into it, even if it’s fifteen minutes a day, because it will make your soul sigh with relief and it will benefit your story. Pressure makes diamonds.


*TIP: Set a daily word goal and write it down so you can actually see it and tick it off to ensure that proud moment you’ve earned.




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