Seven Writing Prompts

7 Apr

Hello dear writers,

Here are seven writing prompts for your writing pleasure. Feel free to use them to lure your characters and have fun splashing around in the words.


  1. It was not the answer he had expected, but then again, he never thought he’d ask such a question.
  2. I surveyed the stack of mail and one letter stood out. It was because of the ink in which my name was written. It looked like blood.
  3. I should start my story at the beginning, I should start with the day I died.
  4. Nothing was ever simple with me. Not even killing someone.
  5. My mother had been right. My wedding day was the day that everything changed. Still, this was probably not the way she had meant.
  6. Of all the coffee shops in the world, he walked into mine.
  7. Nothing is ever good enough for someone like her, which is why I stopped trying and it’s why I’m hiring you.







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