Summer Holiday, Here You Come!

18 Jun

Finally, after a whole year of continuously being in survival mode, I get to frolic in the garden of the Summer Holiday. It may be a weird metaphor, but I don’t care. My brain needs recharging. It’s been drained of most creativity all this time. I’ve already ordered two cosy mysteries to sprinkle my imagination with new words and I’ve started writing little by little to get into the Writing Zone. Boy, have I missed that zone!

When you’re tired (and I mean REALLY tired) your brain doesn’t really feel that much like working with words, even if your hands are itching to write. So though I still wrote semi-regularly it didn’t really get me anywhere fast except that it did generate a few short stories. That is also what I promised myself I would work on since I knew I’d be too busy to write my daily 2K. Still, my writer brain demanded full-blown novels and now that I’m eager for the holiday I notice that I’m sneaking in writing time where I should be working on my to-do list. Now I’ve got nearly 17K on a story that I wasn’t really planning on writing until later. So that’s basically me hugging the Writing Zone like it’s a puppy coated in chocolate. And I’ve also read two cosy mysteries in two evenings, meaning that my brain is definitely on strike and making up for lost time. Looking forward to the summer holiday where I’ll be a lean, mean writing machine. 🙂  And there will be a lot of cookie casualties.

What about you? Do you have any projects you are not getting enough of? Or maybe you don’t find the time but the characters are tumbling through the door regardless. Let me know in the comments!





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