A Bad Example

21 Jun

The best way to learn is by seeing how other people do it. Good stories teach us how to write. As a writer I’m already very critical when reading stories, I can’t not be. With such an intense love for stories, it’s only natural to drink in the story completely and immediately taste when it’s bad. Sometimes it’s not enough to make you stop drinking, but sometimes it is. A story needs to sustain the willing suspension of disbelief. If you notice mistakes or discrepancies of any kind, it takes you out of the story and if there are too many, it’s impossible to get back in the story. It’s a writer’s job to do the story justice, unfortunately not everybody does that (or wants to do it) since it’s so easy to get your story into the world these days. But that’s a whole other blog post.
Reading bad stories is, however, not a waste of time. A bad example is still an example. Seeing how others do things can teach you two things. Either how to do it, or how NOT to do it. In either case you learn. But in only one case you have fun while learning.

I still write whatever story comes knocking in my head, but it used to be that those stories were mostly fantasy stories. I have a big imagination and like what you can do with it in the fantasy genre. Then, since I’m a lover of mysteries, I stumbled upon a cosy mysteries and fell in love with the genre instantly. I started with a series which ended up disappointing me in terms of characterisation and plot development, two VERY important parts of a story. This inspired me to write my very own cosy mystery and since then I actually can’t imagine ever not writing them. They are so ME. Which is why I’m glad that I was disappointed. Although, I doubt it would have taken long before I would have been inspired to write them based on reading good ones.

Is it strange to be inspired by bad writing? What inspires you?


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