The I in Inspiration

9 Sep

That’s right, the I in inspiration stands for I. What? You read that right, though I should probably explain because you are not all in my head. Which is a good thing, because it’s quite a mess in there. 

In the interwebby world of writing there are lots of posts to find about inspiration and, most notably, the lack of it. People can do lots of things to find that inspiration, like taking a walk, meditating, dancing weirdly to music or petting wild monkeys. It really depends on what puts that person in touch with his/her subconscious. The subconscious knows everything, especially about our stories. We are more brilliant than we know. 

Over the years I have discovered that there is one thing that really works wonders in finding the inspiration that is right inside of me, and it’s also extremely fun to do. Find a story in the same genre as the one that you’re writing and READ. Read until the words tumble out of your head every time you tilt it. Nothing gets me more excited and inspired to read something in the same ‘vibe’ as my story. Whether it’s a crap novel or not, it will either way inspire you to write your story. Think about it, stories don’t differ that much from each other, except that they do. Every story has the same structure, the same components, but each person writes it differently. So why shouldn’t another story spark ideas for yours? Just like back in the day, story tellers told their stories, spreading them and regenerating new ones. The whole point is to take something precious from each story you read and then to put something precious in your own story. Every person will have something different they take from your story, or any other story. But that’s the wonder of books. 

So fill your heart with those wonders and let them take you to your own wonder. 


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