Go Deep or Go Home

12 Sep

What is the beautiful thing about writers? Is it the way they make the words swirl in your mind, painting it with colours you have never even seen before? Is it because they make you experience things that you otherwise wouldn’t? Is it because they are simply awesome? Yes, possibly that. But what makes them so awesome? What makes them write what they write? See what they see? 

A lot of artists are high sensitive, which means they experience the world differently than the average person. Did you know that certain species can only see a certain range of colours. There are, for instance, far more colours than we can see. I’ve mentioned once before that I felt like true writers see more colours than other people, without realising that I was talking about being high sensitive. It means we see more details and can see the bigger picture. We seek meaning and depth, not just in life but also with relationships. We go hard or we go home. Or better yet, we go deep or we go home. High sensitive people are a minority, which means we don’t always get back what we give and disappointment isn’t always far behind in this harsh world. However, it also comes with a lot of benefits, because we do see a lot more colours, and damn, they are beautiful. We have beautiful worlds inside of us, but we also see the beauty of this world. And the desire to relay that beauty to others is one of the reasons I write. 

Normal is not something I tend to dabble in, except when I’m writing about someonne who is normal (which I rarely do). I like to escape to my mind, because that’s where the interesting stuff happens. I don’t have the patience to deal with ‘normal’ things like earning money and you know, surviving. The world is filled with interesting truths and by creating new worlds, I explore those truths. That’s why words have enormous power. They tell a lot more than you’d initially think, seeing them motionless on that page. 

I also believe that a lot more people have started writing because it has become so easy to do, because they think it’s cool to write an awesome story and become rich and famous. But those people are easy to spot, because their stories lack depth. They don’t make you see the new colours, they show you those boring colours we already know. Or worse, grey. 😉

Serious writers write because they are born to write. They have ink in their veins. They are pioneers. 


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