The Power of a To-Do List

15 Sep

We all have those little tasks that sneak in and at the end of the day make us smack our heads and mumble incoherently as we realise we never got them done. This is why we invented to-do lists and they do indeed kind of rock. At my old job I could walk into a room with office supplies and take anything I want. One of those things was a Things To Do Today day-planner which is basically a lot of to-do lists put together, all you have to do is fill them in. Hea-ven!

Having to make to-do lists is not fun, but these days I even make to-do lists with fun things on it. I tend to forget to do the things I want to do and just lazeball around. So in my to-do list I always incorporate breaks/rewards in between the boring tasks. The best thing about the list, apart from not forgetting the stuff that needs to be done, is that you feel super mega awesome when you get to tick off one of the things you’ve accomplished. It makes you feel the opposite of a lazeball. And that is a good feeling.

So if I may be so bold as to give advice…Use to-do lists like a crazy sock. Whether it be post-its or day-planners or just pieces of paper. They will make you feel like you are on top of it, whatever it may be. (Probably cheese, because cheese is awesome.) And don’t forget to include the fun things as well! Sometimes it helps to even note down times that you want to spend on it, so I for instance write down: 1 hour of writing, thirty minutes of watching Penguins of Madagascar, twenty minutes of blogging…etcetera. Setting a timer makes you feel less inclined to get distracted by shiny things on the mighty interweb.

Have fun being productive! Whoohoo!



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