When Things Go Wrong…

23 Sep

A wise man once told me: ”There are always things that go wrong, it’s how you handle it that matters.” He was right. Bad moments don’t define you, it’s how you handle them that do. Actions speak louder than words. You can tell a problem it’s not welcome, but getting rid of it is probably more effective. Finding the strength to do that is often the trick.

Life is a lot of things. And things go wrong. You strive for perfection and want the vision that you have in your head to play out in front of you, because…well, that’s what you want. We are dreamers, so we dream. The real world doesn’t hold dreams, we do. And so we strive to bring them into the world and make them real. But then it goes wrong. What now?

How do we handle the disappointment? The anger? The frustration? What do we do with our dream now? Now that it is lying shattered at our feet. Can we still fix it? Do we get a new dream? Do we WANT a new dream? Only you have the answers and each set of answers will be different for each person. Because when things go wrong, we all act differently. Our strength, though, lies in ourselves. We may not be able to change the circumstances, but we can change our attitude towards it. Even if it isn’t easy.

Happiness is vague. It’s a feeling that lasts a few moments. It is not an outcome or achievement that can be unlocked. You may have dreams and hopes and desires, but the real world is not a place that exists to fulfil your dreams. We were made to survive. The rest is just a bonus. So it is okay when things go wrong sometimes, because that is life. It doesn’t mean that life is going wrong. You have to find your inner drive and have a little faith in the outcome. You can’t know what will happen tomorrow, because each day is today. So why not live for that day? Why not do the things that can make you happy at that moment? Why not only think of what you can do now so that you will look back and think: that was an awesome day! It is too much pressure to think about what it’s like to look back at an awesome life, because it is so far away. And things can change quickly.

Let’s say you are waiting for a train that you know will come some day. There is lots to do on the platform, with lots of people there to meet and have a good time with (or not). Why spend all your time looking in the distance for that train that will definitely arrive eventually, when you can have fun and learn about these new people and things around you? Isn’t that the beautiful thing about life? That we are given a chance to, well,

be alive.



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