Finish This…

1 Dec

Sometimes it is hard to find the words to start, especially when you’re looking for a new project and you have a touch of writer’s block. A fun and playful way to get the creative juices flowing is by adding to something that already exists. A lot of writers draw story ideas from stories they’ve read that didn’t quite live up to their idea of what it should be. So who knows, you might find your next story here after you finish this…

The air cracked with silence which had turned too heavy. I stared at him until even the wrinkles around his eyes were etched into the walls of my mind. He kept saying my name, though I couldn’t hear him. It was like someone had pressed his mute button. Was this what he had called the Slipping State? Was this what it was like to slip away from this world? I thought I already had. Which is why it was so pointless to me to sit here and stare at my doctor while there were perhaps patients who needed and wanted my help much more than myself.

“What are you feeling?” His words reached me this time, but instead of answering him my eyes wandered around his office of which all the sharp objects had been removed. I was considered to be going upwards in terms of my recovery so I shared a room that also had no sharp objects. My world was one without sharp objects. I couldn’t mention that to him, because he might think I was referring to the possibility of Other Worlds. Referring to Other Worlds was dangerous. It was how my mother had ended up in a place like this, but not how I had ended up in a place like this. Even though I did believe in Other Worlds once, gradually I had stopped. And each morning I opened my eyes, I was beginning to see the people here as more crazy and less like me.

This is what my doctor called Recovering.


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