Time, Time, Time

2 Apr

Time does not really exist, so I suppose I’m talking about that moment where there are no pressing matters at hand and you are free to pursue whatever endeavour you wish. In this case, I’m talking about writing. I didn’t have a job for six months and now I do so I recognise the difference between being able to write all day and finding it difficult to dive into my written world during the week.

To make time for yourself is important. Whether it’s to play the violin, read a novel, or write like a crazy bunny on drugs. Still, that is easier said than done when obligations are in the way. Not to mention the real life people that push the imaginary ones out of the way. This is why I found that it’s important to adapt whatever goal you have. I just felt bad when I didn’t reach the goal I usually had (2K a day). And most of the time I just stared at my manuscript and was like, nope, I won’t write more than a sentence. But a sentence is still a sentence. And it might spark more sentences. You don’t know until you write. So it helps to tell yourself to write five minutes, for example. Just set the timer and let those fingers dance over the keyboard. Even if you write complete rubbish. Just do it.

When you wing it just like me, you follow the story, same as the reader will. This means that sometimes you will be stuck, and sometimes you will scrap things. And it’s okay to take time to brainstorm, in fact, that’s very good. So then take that time. Change your goal from writing every day to brainstorming every day. Make it as many minutes as you want. Maybe do it twice for five minutes. Or once for fifteen. You’re the boss.

Your story is your companion at the time that you’re working on it, but if you stop spending time with it, it will distance itself from you. It will only make it harder to get back into the groove, plus you miss out on all that fun! Reward yourself with that time. Especially when you’re busy, you deserve that time with your characters.


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