Our Darlings

17 Jul

There are many things that I love about writing, but if I had to narrow it down to something specific I’d say that I love characters the most. Characters are linked with so many of the aspects that make writing cool. For instance, characters allow for the escapism that comes with writing. They are also the thing that I can put my imagination into the most since all my novels are character driven. Moreover, the things I want to show/uncover/experience all have to do with being human and that’s what characters are (even if fictional).

Most of the time my novel ideas are sparked by an image of a well-rounded character. The quirkier the better. And I love discovering bits and pieces about them as I start to unravel their world. Pictures can sometimes inspire too, and can help build the image in my head.
How fun it is to have an interesting guest in your head and see the world through his eyes. Especially when while teaching them something, they also teach you something.

Oh, our darlings. May they never leave us alone.


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