Meet A Writer: Cassandra Newbould

27 Jul

Dear readers,

Please allow me to introduce to you: writer Cassandra Newbould. If you like what you hear feel free to drink virtual coffee with her on Twitter: @elusi0n

Question Time: 

#1. When did you start writing and why?

Well, I guess after I became pregnant at 21. Once my daughter was born I would make up stories when I was nursing her or putting her to sleep. As she got older, she, along with my other two, convinced me to start writing them down. almost 16 years later, I sorta feel like a writer, finally.

#2. What do you write? And why that genre?

I love writing young adult: fantasy and contemporary. When I write I want it to be something my kids can enjoy, whether it’s the make believe of fantasy, or something that really hits home in contemporary.

#3. What is your writing process?

I just open up a blank screen and let my thoughts have free rein. I’ve tried outlining or mapping stuff out, and for me, it never works. Usually I start at the start and just continue on till I reach the end. Once I’m done that, the fun part is over, and the editing begins. Wheeee! 🙂

#4. What is your favourite character that you’ve written? And why?

It would be a toss up between Haley and Coda from Signal Against Noise. I wrote Haley to be all of the things I want my daughter to look up to. Tough, strong, caring. Someone who can take charge and not be afraid to say what’s in her head. Someone who can love, but doesn’t depend on a partner to “fix” things for her. I wrote Coda as Haley’s companion. It’s a tribute to my own Coda; a 13 yr old white German Shepherd who’s been my protector and my best friend. He’s getting to be an old man, and I wanted his legacy to live on once he’s gone.

#5. What are you most proud of regarding your writing? My novel, The Monster Ate My Clubhouse. It’s a story about a family who lives with the constant struggle of their dad being bipolar. And how, even through the bad times, and man, are there some bad times, they still remain a family. They love each other for their good and bad, and find a way to get by day after day. It really was cathartic when I wrote this because I co-wrote it with my daughter. My husband/her dad is bipolar and I felt a weight lift off me once I put it down on paper. Plus, to share that experience with my daughter is something I will never forget.


#6. What is your biggest struggle when it comes to writing?

COMMAS! If literature could kill me, I swear it would be by a misplaced comma, straight through the heart.

#7. What are you working on right now?

A female version of a take on Treasure Island. Not that Treasure Island isn’t awesome enough as it is, but I wanted one where a girl gets to go on the adventures. She’s an internet pirate who finds a treasure map online that leads her to a real life pirate ship and that’s when the fun really begins. It’s been a blast writing it so far.

#8. Are you agent hunting? What are your future plans?

Slowly. I’m about to start querying The Monster Ate My Clubhouse sometime in the fall, after PitchWars probably. It’s really nerve-wracking to think about it being out there for all eyes to see but I feel it’s a story that needs to be told, absorbed. Something to give other families struggling with bipolar some hope. Future plans? Just keep trucking I guess. Hope my daydreams and imagination never run out.

#9. Any tips for other writers?

Never give up, never give in, and never think you’re not good enough. If you’ve a story to tell, somewhere in this universe, or perhaps the next, there’s a listener out there, somewhere, just waiting to read it. You just have to stay strong until you find them.

#10. Final question: tea or coffee when writing?

My English husband, and his very English family would insist upon tea, however, I prefer coffee when writing, in an IV drip, straight to my bloodstream. Or, wine. Lots and lots of lovely, free flowing, beautiful wine.


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