Writing Prompt: Spoilers

8 Aug

Okay, it’s not really about spoilers, but most of the time writing prompts inspire you to start a (short) story. This time I’ll give you the ending and you can decide what inky path you will follow to get there. Sharpen your pencil as well as your mind and have fun with these writing prompts:

The man in the mirror was not the man I saw this morning. The changes were minor and hardly noticeable except to someone who observed this face long and hard every morning and night. I started scrubbing my hands again even though the blood had mostly washed away. I could still feel the wet substance clinging to my skin and the thought burned into my mind. How was I going to do this? How was I going to tell her?

The dust settled. Eventually the quiet returned to my life and the storm had left nothing but scars on my heart that only I was aware of. The hardest part was pretending that it hadn’t even happened at all. My gun was replaced with smiles and talk of the weather. I had gone back to the stillness that I had always craved. This time something was different, though. This time I realised that it wasn’t home because I wanted it to be home. Home doesn’t work that way. This was wishful thinking. This was playing house. Yet I could do nothing but accept it for their sakes or they would lose a mother and wife. Even if I was suffering, I was also happy. Just like always I’d be in-between.

Nothing is ever what it seems. We label the things around us according to the way we perceive things and that is all relative. We only see a tiny corner of the world, we only see ours. The only person I knew that had seen more than his world was dead now and it was all my fault even if he would tell me that wasn’t true. It was easier to blame me, because I already felt the way I did. The only thing left to do was take care of the diamonds and my revenge. That would be my parting gift to this world before I’d leave it. Just like he had told me, I made sure I said goodbye from this world with a smile on my face and I kept my promise.


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