Patience is a Virtue

27 Sep

Patience is tricky when it comes to your dreams. When you have a wish, you want it come true. The sooner, the better. It depends on the wish, but most of the time, these wishes require serious effort and don’t happen overnight. My wish is to become a successful author, but the first step is to become published. In this day and age, that is not easy. I mean, being traditionally published isn’t easy. It is a business after all, so it makes sense. It’s probably a good thing too, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Waiting is not really my thing. I tend to do other things. For instance, when I had to wait for the bus as a student, I always took those moments to daydream, scribble or read. Only on very rare moments when my mind and body were tired, did I actually wait. Trying to get published is a matter of sending emails. What would be the point of sending emails and not doing anything for those weeks of awaiting a reply? Sometimes I even forget I’m still ‘waiting’ for a reply because I’m so busy writing and teaching. In a way, I like that. It means that any reply from an agent is a surprise. Even rejections can be nice, depending on what they’re saying. You can often read between the lines, and if it’s positive, that still says something about your writing. Even if it’s negative, it could give you the kick in the pants you need to get a critique group and throw in your best efforts to make it better. Either way, I still feel like I’m doing something valuable.

The other day I watched a documentary with my students about J.K. Rowling and she said that she wanted to try to do the story justice and that really is what writing and editing is. You don’t do it for yourself, or for your future readers, or simply to get published. You sweat ink, you cry ink, you bleed ink for your story. That is what it means to be a writer and you should be proud of that. So keep writing. Keep luring those stories, keep complaining, keep being elated, keep locking yourself up with your laptop, keep doing everything you have been doing. Because one day your book will see the light of day and you will have no regrets.


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