My Muse

9 Oct

Meet my muse because why not? It’s fun to find out what kind of muses there are. I mean I’ve used the term before but never considered who my muse really is. So I stopped to really look at her and noticed she’s a child. A very clever, sometimes sarcastic and really weird child. All in a good way.

My favourite part about her is the passion for stories and my least favourite part is that I need to fuel her with stories. I know that shouldn’t be bad and most of the time it’s not, except when I have a life and don’t have the time. Sometimes my mind is not in reading mode and then I have the time but I won’t enjoy doing it. Yeah, to read or not to read is a difficult question.

Either way,  us writers are lucky to have the muses that we do. Or maybe not…maybe you have a horror story about your muse. Maybe you’ve traded her for another. If so I’d love to hear about it. When the muse is doing her thing, though, the writing flows like a river on drugs. So don’t forget to surprise your muse with virtual cookies and show your appreciation. Unless you have a bad muse, then I’ll give a basket with certain apples. 😉 What? I’m a mystery writer, I’m allowed to murder.



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