Writing Cave

27 Dec

I’ve mentioned writing space before, but now that I’ve moved and the only room that I still need to finish is the office (gasp, I know) I am even more certain of how important it is to have your own writing space.

Can a painter paint without a studio? Can an athlete train without a gym? Can a serial killer kill without a primary crime scene? I mean, where are we really without our HQ? It would be like Batman without a cave.

Without a writing space I feel a bit lost, like a balloon that has slipped out of the greasy hand of a kid.  I have a deep, intense love for notebooks and I kind of need them lying open around me for extra inspiration. Not always, but I also haven’t read in a few weeks (!) because my office is the last thing to be finished and my precious books are still held prisoner by moving boxes. Without words and post-its how am I supposed to spend time with my characters?

The good news is that I’ve been using this Christmas holiday (yay for being a teacher) to tidy up and unpack all the boxes and give everything a spot in my new home. Slowly I’m clearing the way to creating my perfect office. It will be my first official office and I can’t wait to make it my little palace. Baby steps. Life is unavoidable and writing is my addiction, but first things first. Sometimes it’s about not pressuring yourself. I think that not writing feels to me like I’m not trying hard enough to become published, but whether or not I’ll be agenting this new novel sooner than later, doesn’t really matter. I either do it right or not at all. Rushing my characters will just make them pout and nobody wants that.

My resolution to finish my stories for the end of the year is therefore not something that will be achieved so I’m extending my personal deadline. I know I will kick ass eventually, but before I can finish my novels, I have to finish my home.

A happy home makes a happy writer, and a happy writer makes a happy novel.





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