A New Year

1 Jan

2016? What? You mean 2015 is already over? That felt like a breeze. Am I the only one that is surprised by the whooshing sound time makes as it flies by? I’m so jealous of my characters who have an eternity. Okay, they’re in a time loop, but still.

2015 was a year of romantic adventure, my first job, my first apartment, my first kitten, and playing the PS4. Not exactly dull, I must say. Oh, and my phone got stolen, so I experienced my first crime as well. Little disappointing since I was hoping my first encounter with crime would be a mysterious murder aboard a moving train, but we can’t have it all.

What will this brand new year bring, I wonder. What quirky characters will I come up with and what strange and wonderful things will they encounter on their journey to becoming a better person…or worse.

The fun thing about the future is that, unless you’re a psychic, you don’t know what will happen. That’s what makes it so much fun. There are many things that I plan on doing, some smaller than others but all part of life. That’s the thing, isn’t it? Adventure isn’t the adventure, life is. Perhaps that’s why writing is such an adventure too. I get to write about people and their lives. I get to have many adventures that way.

Here’s to more stories. *clinks glasses*


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