3 Jan

The end of every year is always the beginning of a new one. For many people that means they dust off those old resolutions, or produce new ones.

Personally I don’t really feel for resolutions. I promise myself things throughout the year depending on what happens. For instance, I still haven’t gotten around to finishing all my drafts. Some are more finished than others, but the wish still stands. Moving into my apartment kind of threw a wrench into it, so the first ‘resolution’ is to finish my office. I still need a desk, desk chair and desk lamp. Other than that, I’m all set.

Next is of course finishing all my drafts and starting a new WIP. I also plan on querying my magical realism novel. I’m also getting extra ninja readers to reread my earlier drafts to see if there is some major remodelling to be done. The longer it has been since you’ve last read it, the better to spot the improvements.

After not having written in what feels like forever, these will be fun. So, what will yours be?



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