The Message

2 Apr

Every novel has a message. No matter what it is about, there is always something that the writer wants to say. That is what makes a story even more interesting to read, and as a writer, it makes the story even more interesting to write.

I highly recommend thinking about what you want to say before you grace the page with even a single word. Only because it saves time when editing. With the regular visits of new characters, saved time is a good thing.

The main thing you should ask yourself is: what do I want people to think about once they’ve put down my book? Then it’s just a matter of contemplating what events and characters you want to use to make people think about that. So the coming up with a message is actually the easy part. However, it is a lot easier now that you know what you’re working towards. And it’s also easier for your characters. Considering how we torture them already, it’s only the kind thing to do.


One Response to “The Message”

  1. Shannon Noel Brady May 10, 2017 at 5:07 pm #

    For me, I seem to discover what I’m trying to say AS I write. It’s through the process of writing and exploring that I find the heart of what it is I’m trying to communicate. Even if that means going back and editing early portions where I was wandering, that’s okay with me. I do think your approach is a good strategy too though, if you know at the start what your goal is. Clarifying that goal to yourself from the beginning can help make sure your story clarifies it too.

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