Hey Sunshine

18 May

The sun is shining again! Birds are chirping, children are playing, and writers are retreating further into their writing caves. Characters are tumbling over the pages as we look up and blink at the sunlight streaming through our windows. Even though not all of our writing happens behind a laptop, it still means that we are usually stationed in front of one.

So this is your reminder that Mother Earth is in full bloom and us writers need our daily dose of sunshine. Go out, take a walk, talk to human beings (I know, they’re scary) and dust yourself off. Okay, I might be projecting my own hermit-ness on you, but I figure I’m not the only writer. It’s easy to go from work to sleep, to work, to sleep and forget that in order to fuel our creativity, we might actually have to turn off our brain and enjoy The Outside. *cue horror music*

We can do it! Provided we’re not too tired from our day jobs and the characters that are running around when they’re not being written. Ugh, could we have a thirteen-month holiday, just for a little eternity?


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