Currently I’m a writer, not an author, but I am querying my novels. In the meantime I keep on writing. I have a deep passion for cosy mysteries, so that is what I write. However, occasionally other genres pop into my head as well. The nerve of them, I know.

I’ll list my mystery novels in order from new to old. I hope I’ll make you curious about the inner workings of my mind. Stuff happens, you guys. Stuff happens.

Rose Cottage

Victoria Woods would rather stay away from the dead as well as the living, but Fate has other plans when she decides to venture out of town, and her comfort zone.

Victoria is perfectly alright hovering over the border between life and death, working at the local funeral parlous. This is why she’s not too keen when she gets a vision from a Jane Doe who urges her to find her family, especially since it’s the beginning of an avalanche of life experiences. During her visit to this woman’s family, she bumps into a woman with a colourful personality and finds herself accepting an invitation to a dinner at a mansion on the hill. It may be the last thing she expects, but she finds what she has always wanted: somewhere to belong.

Having adjusted to an empty heart and an empty life, this is scary to her. Yet it is scarier to find that she might lose it all when someone is literally out for her blood and wants what only she can give. As she desperately tries to protect her friends in order to prevent history from repeating itself, she needs to decide who and what she wants to be. Which might be scarier than dealing with this strange thing called Life.




Maggie’s Murder Mysteries: Book 1

Maggie is a writer who lives in a cute, quiet village in England where nothing ever happens. Until of course, something does happen. When a man is found dead in a hotel known to be cursed, that’s what everybody thinks killed him. Nobody wants to believe that a neighbour or friend might be a coldblooded killer.
So it’s up to Maggie and her detective character, as well as a real-life detective, to prove that it was an actual human that did the killing. Cue a handsome ghost hunter, quirky friends, and lots of awkwardness.

I’m currently writing book 2 of this series.


The Chess Club

chess crime

The story features the Gothy Penelope Featherstonehaugh (pronounced Fanshaw) who is more or less forced to start a chess club and attracts an unusual cast of people one of which is her former friend Amber who has a deep-rooted fear of butterflies. Yes, you may laugh. There’s also Lee who collects dragon figurines and is probably the sanest of them all. Minnie who is obsessed with detective stories and puts the i in weird. And Chris who has the IQ of a racquet ball, but you know, in a good way.

When their chess pieces go missing, as well as other stuff at school, they get out their magnifying glasses. Things get interesting, though, when robberies occur in town. Do they have something to do with what’s happening at school?

I love chess and mysteries and wanted a feisty female lead but since I’m funny and mostly weird, I wanted that to show as well. Friendship is also a theme because what is a story without character growth and heart-warming moments. Mostly I wrote this because it’s something I’d read so if you’re anything like me then keep one eye on this page for I am currently seeking an agent to represent me and my colourful imagination so that this story too can adorn bookshelves. And I can’t wait to lick its cover.

This story also has interactive parts because there are clues that lead to her blog. There is already a link to her blog on the Home page, so feel free to stroll over and sneak a peek at the loveable Penelope and her sleuthy shenanigans.

Penelope quotes:

–          I detest black hair. No, I have red hair. Dark red. The kind that makes people wonder if it’s real or from a bottle. That’s a secret I’ll never tell, xoxo. Okay, I should stop watching so much TV.

–          I like touching fragile objects because I like living dangerously.

–          Where would we be without alcohol? Apart from civilised.

–          I hate modern. Do I sound like a snob yet? Good, I knew we’d get there.

–          Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with children, as long as they keep a respectful distance from me where I don’t have to see, smell or hear them.


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