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5 Jan

As I’m working on my query letter I can’t help but wonder what genre I am even writing. Does anybody else have that problem? Well, it turns out they do, but it doesn’t make it easier.

I follow the story. The words follow me. The genre, however, is much like my pet dragons when they don’t want a bath. It’s so easy to write something that crosses genres, because books are much like people, they’re many things. Books don’t think in genres, we do.

There really is no solution, except to find an agent that represents both genres that it crosses or think tennis balls, I don’t care. Just pick one and go for it. Sometimes I see books that are labelled as a certain genre that makes me raise my eyebrows AND my socks. And yet they are labelled that way, so it’s more subjective than one might think. Plus, sometimes you just have to take a chance and hope an agent doesn’t laugh at you before he rejects your novel.

Mind you, I only have this problem when I write magical realism. It’s a fine line between fantasy and MR, which makes it more tempting to stick to cosy mysteries. 😉 Then again, murder can creep its way into magical realism too…

Oh, boy.


Welcome To My Lair

16 May


I feel like I should do an evil chuckle now that I’ve managed to lure you into my lair, but I don’t want to freak you out. Also, there’s nothing to worry about here, my pet dragons don’t bite.

I’m moving my ‘old’ blog to here, so if you already know my blog, you’ll see some old posts flying by before I’ll get to new ones. And if you don’t know me, I hope my writing tips/adventures will be interesting and fun to read.

I currently live in The Netherlands, where I got my BA in English Language and Culture. I got my MA in Creative Writing from the University of Kent and loved my year in England, scribbling fiercely and making friends. I’m pretty sure I was English in my previous life and hope to move there someday soon. For now, I’m working as an English teacher to-be at my old secondary school, where it is really weird to see my old teachers as colleagues. Who knew teachers would gossip so much?

I’m always writing and am very eclectic when it comes to the pen. I like to write YA, fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction and my favourite genre: mysteries.

I’ve also finished my first novel, The Chess Club, about a loner student who starts a chess club and gets involved in a weird crime that leads to a bigger crime. It’s filled with quirkiness and humour, just like my life, and I’m currently on the hunt for a literary agent.

So that is you filled in on my life as it is now. Enjoy traipsing around in my lair and feel free to have virtual cookies and feed my pet dragons.


Last tip: BE THE PEN!


I am a Writer

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