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15 Aug

Please skip this paragraph if you already know what #PitchWars is. Make yourself comfortable if you don’t. Here’s a cup of virtual tea and a fluffy pillow to lean against. Pitch Wars is a competition that allows you to pick up to five mentors to send your query letter and first chapter to. If you’re lucky you will get chosen as their mentee. This means that they’ll read your entire manuscript and make it all shiny and awesome-r. They will help you get published and who knows? You might gain a friend.

There is something special about scrolling down the list of mentors, reading about them one by one and writing down the names of the ones that make you go: “AAAH. YES.” Never mind if your pet dragons look at you weird for bouncing up and down in your seat as you high five your characters in your head. It feels kind of special that these people WANT YOU to CHOOSE THEM. I mean, when you’re querying agents you do the same, but it feels different. It feels more like standing close to the edge of a cliff. This, however, is a competition where you’re aware of just how many other people are in the same boat as you. It brings you closer to these people and makes you feel less like it’s you against the world.

Also, there is less pressure somehow, because you know IF you get chosen you will get help. You will get better. There needs to be enough potential and a click, sure, but somehow the demands made of you feel less…demanding. It’s just difficult to understand the world of publishing when you’re not yet in it. Who knows how many mistakes you’re making without being aware of it? It is such a gift, therefore, to meet someone who will take your under their wing and open your eyes to a new world where you might achieve something great.

Bring out your manuscripts and most of all, your courage and join the PITCH WARS. You know you want to…

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