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Writing Prompts: StRaNgE

4 Oct

Who doesn’t like a bit of weird? I know my pet dragons do so I’m dedicating this post to them. The following writing prompts will hopefully spark an incredible journey in your mind, because I find that the best journeys are usually weird.

1.  You are invited to a party but you don’t know who invited you. You still go because you just got dumped and need the distraction. When you arrive, to your surprise, it turns out to have a twenties theme. Since you are not properly dressed you decide to leave but when you step outside you realise you are actually in 1920. What is your next move?

2. Not only do you find out you have an aunt that your family has kept secret, you also find out that she died and left her estate to YOU. When you arrive in her home town you fully intend to sell the place, but things take a different turn when you discover what she has in her basement.

3. You follow a strange creature in the woods behind your house and discover something extremely unusual.

4. It’s been a while since your last relationship and you finally decide to take the plunge and go online dating. You hit it off with the first guy you encounter and decide to go on a blind date. Though he seems to have told you the truth about who he is, there is one big thing he hasn’t yet told you.

5. You find a strange coin and make a wish as you pass the fountain in the town square. When you wake up the next day you find that your wish came true, but at a price. Everybody you know, including yourself, is an animation figure.


Good luck and keep it strange, because somewhere among the strange lies the wonderful.


Writing Exercises

16 Jun


Writing Exercises for your (p)leisure!


Write a scene where someone is trying to tell someone else a secret but without actually telling them. Beat around the bush, be vague. The reader must figure out what the secret is even though the other character does not. What kind of misunderstanding will arise?


Write something between 1 and 3 pages, starting your short story with one of these sentences:

a)      Before I realised it, his hand had left a red mark on my cheek.

b)      “You’re telling me this now? On my wedding day?”

c)       I bent down to check his pulse and realised he had none.

And end your short story with one of these sentences:

a)      There was nothing but silence in the air. Wonderful, freeing silence.

b)      Life didn’t always give you a choice, neither did your heart.

c)       For one thing, my growling stomach told me I was hungry. I left, knowing I had done the right thing.


Write about a meeting between two people, written from both their POVs. Maybe they both assume things about the other that aren’t true. Maybe they think the friendly feelings aren’t mutual when they are, or the other way around. Maybe they’ve seen each other before, but don’t realise it. Maybe they have a mutual friend or went to the same school…whatever you can think of, write it. Close your eyes and let the writing spirit take over. Make it interesting and unexpected.

Writing exercises can spark great short stories and those in turn can spark great novel ideas. Most importantly, just write and have fun!



19 May

Finally I’ve managed to transfer all my ‘old’ blog posts to my new blog. Yay! Bring out the dancing puppies and fireworks. Sorry for throwing all my blog posts at you, but I wanted things transferred as quick as possible so that I can start working on my new posts. That’s mostly once a week since most of my writing time is being consumed by my WIPs (work in progress). Right now, my brain is being consumed by an older WIP, a fantasy story, where I’ve reached the climax of the story but the writing process feels like I’m pulling all the words out of my head with tweezers. Maybe it’s because I’ve outgrown the story, I don’t know, and sometimes I feel like I should just stop and work on newer projects, but I don’t like unfinished business. Plus, this is the official first story I’ve EVER started.

Has anyone ever had this? Or do other writers finish their stories ninja-style? Actually, when I did my MA in England, I submitted this WIP but my teach told me I could do better. (AKA lit fiction) Which is a compliment, but it made me put this WIP on hold. And I would have preferred to have been able to choose any genre to work on. I’m not sure if my teacher’s comments (and dislike of any genre that wasn’t lit. fiction) made me feel kind of meh about this story all of a sudden, but it’s very annoying. I want to finish it!

I’m also working a little on other stories, but working on different stories makes me feel all over the place. I don’t want my mind to be all over the place, I want it to be in my writing lair. That’s why I want to take it one story at a time. I mean, I have so many ideas and I just want to have them done with. Mainly, because I’m still thinking about what kind of writer I want to be and I want to get these ‘old’ story (ideas) out of the way, before I get out of touch with them so I can think about any new ideas, that MIGHT be better. After all, my teacher had that kind of faith in me, so maybe I should too? Still, all this over-thinking is making me want to shout BLEEEH at any random moment during the day, every day. Probably not a good idea. Don’t want anyone to suspect I’m even more crazy than they already think. I need people to think I’m a little bit sane so that I can observe them in their natural habitat.

Ok, this crazy writer lady is going back to work. Or at least trying to squeeze the words out of my fingers as I made them bleed ink. I also hope you guys like my new blog. Is the background okay? Any tips/advice ? I’m getting used to WordPress but so far it’s already my friend. *strokes screen*

Okay, back to the lair!! *DUM DUM DUM DUM*

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