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The Pause

24 Apr

You tear up as you write the final sentence and then you jump out of your chair to do a happy dance. All those anti-social days, the times you forgot to drink water and to go to bed are worth it. You’ve finally finished your first draft. Your story is ready to simmer before the re-reading starts, followed by the editing. Such a feeling of relief because all your hard work has produced something that you’re happy with. (Or maybe not, it depends on how good you are at first drafts.)

This means, though, that you’ve entered the stage called The Pause. This is the part where you leave your novel alone for about 2-4 weeks before looking at it with fresh eyes (depending on your patience). The day that you finish the draft is indeed a celebration, but for me, the days after that are tricky. I mean, what’s a writer supposed to do without characters to play with? My mind and heart are still in the world of my last WIP and my mind is still working on it in the background. I therefore find it hard to open the door to a new novel. Still, how could I possibly go without writing for even more than a few days? I feel empty and bored without the possibility of spending time with fictional characters. And so, besides from sleep (or a coma), my only resolution is working on short stories and writing prompts. Also, it can help to work on a new idea for a novel even if your head isn’t ready, because by the time that you are you will at least have something. Even if it is crap.

So, if you’re in the same paper boat as I am…Jump aboard for some short story fun so we can keep on sailing over our creative juices and enjoy purple dolphins and birds made out of Skittles.

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