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Writing Prompt: Magical

4 Feb

Weird stories are the best stories. Add some good old fashioned magic and the party is complete. Drinks table is over there, help yourself.

Here are some writing prompts that are nice and weird. They’re sure to get your creative mojo flowing. Enjoy.


You wake up one morning to find that you can freeze time. It happens right during an argument with your mean boss. What happens next?


You’re stuck in a lift with a stranger who claims he has powers that can help you out of there. You have to hold on tight to him if you want it to work. What do you do?


The police break down your door in the middle of the night because they are convinced that you are dangerous because of your powers. They question you, but you have no idea what they’re talking about. You’re getting a bit angry though. What happens next?



Happy Anniversary!

26 Mar

Okay, technically my anniversary was yesterday but you know how it goes when life is being like a drunk person who suddenly decides he likes you and hangs around you, literally. All night long. And then you have to try and make excuses until at some point you start pushing him away and someone thinks you’re being harassed and you’re trying to explain the situation, but then the drunk guy punches that person and that person punches back which starts a whole fight and before you know it the police have to call your parents to come pick you up from the station. And you’re grounded. Which is good, because then you can get some writing done.

Well, that escalated quickly. Also, I’m guessing you’re living with your parents too because you’re writers and therefore poor. Like me. Shh. Don’t burst my bubble. I need to think that or I’ll feel sad.

Brain, go back to the anniversary thing. Yes, it was my blog’s anniversary! *releases balloons and pet unicorns* Stay away from the horns unless you have a license and feel free to grab snacks and some punch. 🙂 I want to let you all know how awesome you are for going along with the ride even though I’m super weird and my pet dragons sometimes eat your socks. (Yes, that was them. Sorry.) I hope to share many more blog posts to come with you guys, and look forward to your comments, likes, and how much you guys gossip when eating my virtual cookies.
Write on!

Writing Prompts: StRaNgE

4 Oct

Who doesn’t like a bit of weird? I know my pet dragons do so I’m dedicating this post to them. The following writing prompts will hopefully spark an incredible journey in your mind, because I find that the best journeys are usually weird.

1.  You are invited to a party but you don’t know who invited you. You still go because you just got dumped and need the distraction. When you arrive, to your surprise, it turns out to have a twenties theme. Since you are not properly dressed you decide to leave but when you step outside you realise you are actually in 1920. What is your next move?

2. Not only do you find out you have an aunt that your family has kept secret, you also find out that she died and left her estate to YOU. When you arrive in her home town you fully intend to sell the place, but things take a different turn when you discover what she has in her basement.

3. You follow a strange creature in the woods behind your house and discover something extremely unusual.

4. It’s been a while since your last relationship and you finally decide to take the plunge and go online dating. You hit it off with the first guy you encounter and decide to go on a blind date. Though he seems to have told you the truth about who he is, there is one big thing he hasn’t yet told you.

5. You find a strange coin and make a wish as you pass the fountain in the town square. When you wake up the next day you find that your wish came true, but at a price. Everybody you know, including yourself, is an animation figure.


Good luck and keep it strange, because somewhere among the strange lies the wonderful.

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