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Writing Prompt: Magical

4 Feb

Weird stories are the best stories. Add some good old fashioned magic and the party is complete. Drinks table is over there, help yourself.

Here are some writing prompts that are nice and weird. They’re sure to get your creative mojo flowing. Enjoy.


You wake up one morning to find that you can freeze time. It happens right during an argument with your mean boss. What happens next?


You’re stuck in a lift with a stranger who claims he has powers that can help you out of there. You have to hold on tight to him if you want it to work. What do you do?


The police break down your door in the middle of the night because they are convinced that you are dangerous because of your powers. They question you, but you have no idea what they’re talking about. You’re getting a bit angry though. What happens next?



Writing Prompt: Time

10 Jan

1. Your character is running late for an important job interview. On his way he sees a woman being harassed. What does he do and what are the consequences?


2. Someone shows up in your character’s living room claiming to be from the future and he warns her that she’s in danger.


3. Your character finds a device that can rewind time up to 24 hours. How does he or she start using this? Write that scene.

giphy watch


Writing Prompt: Spoilers

8 Aug

Okay, it’s not really about spoilers, but most of the time writing prompts inspire you to start a (short) story. This time I’ll give you the ending and you can decide what inky path you will follow to get there. Sharpen your pencil as well as your mind and have fun with these writing prompts:

The man in the mirror was not the man I saw this morning. The changes were minor and hardly noticeable except to someone who observed this face long and hard every morning and night. I started scrubbing my hands again even though the blood had mostly washed away. I could still feel the wet substance clinging to my skin and the thought burned into my mind. How was I going to do this? How was I going to tell her?

The dust settled. Eventually the quiet returned to my life and the storm had left nothing but scars on my heart that only I was aware of. The hardest part was pretending that it hadn’t even happened at all. My gun was replaced with smiles and talk of the weather. I had gone back to the stillness that I had always craved. This time something was different, though. This time I realised that it wasn’t home because I wanted it to be home. Home doesn’t work that way. This was wishful thinking. This was playing house. Yet I could do nothing but accept it for their sakes or they would lose a mother and wife. Even if I was suffering, I was also happy. Just like always I’d be in-between.

Nothing is ever what it seems. We label the things around us according to the way we perceive things and that is all relative. We only see a tiny corner of the world, we only see ours. The only person I knew that had seen more than his world was dead now and it was all my fault even if he would tell me that wasn’t true. It was easier to blame me, because I already felt the way I did. The only thing left to do was take care of the diamonds and my revenge. That would be my parting gift to this world before I’d leave it. Just like he had told me, I made sure I said goodbye from this world with a smile on my face and I kept my promise.

Twist It: Writing Prompts

3 Apr

Lots of things hold the reader’s attention, but what helps the most is having a story that is unpredictable. I don’t mean random, but just hard to predict. ‘What will happen next?’ is the question that will keep the reader hooked. One of the best ways to do that is by adding a twist, either one big one, or several small ones. Just when you think it’s going one way, do the opposite. You might surprise yourself.

1) The Secret
Every character has a secret, whether a small one or a big one. Write a scene where another character is close to finding out your character has a secret. There are clues and they think they have it figured out until your character confesses something completely different.

2) Routine
As always your female character gets hit by her husband after a night out with his lads. She expects this even though she tries to avoid it. It goes down as it always does, until something unexpected happens. You decide what that is.

3) The Interview
Most people have had interviews in their life and there are certain expectations that come with it. Have your character go to an interview. Only this interview has a little twist.

4) The Meeting
A meeting for addicts. Or is it? What exactly is this meeting? Make it clear through dialogue. What are these characters talking about, and why have they formed a group for it. Reveal it until the very end of the scene.

5) The Jumper
Your character stumbles upon someone who is about to jump. They do their best to talk that person down. But is the person really a jumper? Is their meeting really a coincidence? What is going on here? And what will happen next…

Have fun and surprise yourself!

Finish This…

1 Dec

Sometimes it is hard to find the words to start, especially when you’re looking for a new project and you have a touch of writer’s block. A fun and playful way to get the creative juices flowing is by adding to something that already exists. A lot of writers draw story ideas from stories they’ve read that didn’t quite live up to their idea of what it should be. So who knows, you might find your next story here after you finish this…

The air cracked with silence which had turned too heavy. I stared at him until even the wrinkles around his eyes were etched into the walls of my mind. He kept saying my name, though I couldn’t hear him. It was like someone had pressed his mute button. Was this what he had called the Slipping State? Was this what it was like to slip away from this world? I thought I already had. Which is why it was so pointless to me to sit here and stare at my doctor while there were perhaps patients who needed and wanted my help much more than myself.

“What are you feeling?” His words reached me this time, but instead of answering him my eyes wandered around his office of which all the sharp objects had been removed. I was considered to be going upwards in terms of my recovery so I shared a room that also had no sharp objects. My world was one without sharp objects. I couldn’t mention that to him, because he might think I was referring to the possibility of Other Worlds. Referring to Other Worlds was dangerous. It was how my mother had ended up in a place like this, but not how I had ended up in a place like this. Even though I did believe in Other Worlds once, gradually I had stopped. And each morning I opened my eyes, I was beginning to see the people here as more crazy and less like me.

This is what my doctor called Recovering.

Seven Writing Prompts

7 Apr

Hello dear writers,

Here are seven writing prompts for your writing pleasure. Feel free to use them to lure your characters and have fun splashing around in the words.


  1. It was not the answer he had expected, but then again, he never thought he’d ask such a question.
  2. I surveyed the stack of mail and one letter stood out. It was because of the ink in which my name was written. It looked like blood.
  3. I should start my story at the beginning, I should start with the day I died.
  4. Nothing was ever simple with me. Not even killing someone.
  5. My mother had been right. My wedding day was the day that everything changed. Still, this was probably not the way she had meant.
  6. Of all the coffee shops in the world, he walked into mine.
  7. Nothing is ever good enough for someone like her, which is why I stopped trying and it’s why I’m hiring you.






My Problem

13 Oct

NOTE: This was the result of a writing prompt where the first sentence had to be: I have a little bit of a problem. I like to_______. It all started when______, when_________.

So behold…MY PROBLEM:

“I have a little bit of a problem. You see, I kind of like to run towards trouble. It all started when I was a teenager, when my mom was dating this dirt bag that liked to knock her about. I was barely at home, so I didn’t even realise it was going on, but one time I was listening to music in bed when I heard her scream and him yelling at her. It was quite the festivity as you can imagine. Anyway, without even thinking about it I stormed out of my room and just jumped him, scratching, kicking and even biting him until he bled. So what do you think happened?”

The man shrugs.

“He starts beating the crap out of me after he bashes my head against the fridge. And what do you think my mom does?”

The man just looks at me.

“She starts crying. Crying!” I hold out my hands for emphasis. “Like that is going to do anything. Did you see me cry? No, I acted, because that’s what you do when you feel very strongly about something…like wanting to protect someone you love. But no, not her. I was in a coma for three months before I woke up. Know what I did when I got back on my feet?” I slurped on my lemonade. “I set their house on fire.” I slurped again. “They survived and had some scars and absolutely no possessions or a home. Serves them right, no?”

The man blinks.

“Here’s the thing, though. I got away with it, so I guess the moral of the story is, when you run towards trouble, at least make sure you can punch it before it starts running after you.” I wink.

“Why are you telling me this?” the man asks in a gruff voice.

I place the gun on the table. “Just to explain how I became a bounty hunter and that you’re totally under citizen’s arrest right now.” I flash him a smile. “Thanks for the lemonade, though.”

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